Why Buy With Us

Unrivaled Expertise

We pride ourselves on finding the peak strategy for each of our properties. Every aspect is considered to ensure the best use of the land and highest profit potential, including potential rezoning, current market trends, and our hands-on experience in the unique market of Southwest Florida.

Unlike many of our competitors, our property development is handled in-house, ensuring that you receive the best service possible.

Boutique-Style Service

Development Realty’s boutique-style service means that each property is given individualized attention from one of the principals of the firm. By capping the number of listings we take on at 20 maximum, we ensure that every project receives our utmost care.

Our boutique nature also cuts a lot of red tape for our buyers.  Often, as experienced when working with large corporations, there are a lot of hands the deal has to pass through before it’s signed off.  We are able to make decisions quickly and efficiently, as time is often of the essence in land contract deals.


We’ve worked and lived in this community, building relationships that date back to the early 70’s. Our long-established connections with top law firms, ecologists, environmental law firms, engineering and land planning firms, and construction companies means that your project is handled with speed and accuracy.